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Searching for Change: Scottish Stop and Search Powers. (2016). Edinburgh Law Review, 20(2), 178-203.

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Dr Lennon examines the existing Scottish law relating to police stop and search powers, and offers a critique of their…

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Murray, K., & Harkin, D. (2017). Policing in Cool and Hot Climates: Legitimacy, Power and the Rise and Fall of Mass Stop and Search in Scotland. British Journal Of Criminology, 57(4), 885-905.

police accountability, police legitimacy, Scottish policing, stop and search

Prior to the amalgamation of Scotland’s eight police forces into Police Scotland in 2013 by the Scottish National Party government,…

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Lennon, G., & Murray, K. (2018). Under-regulated and unaccountable? Explaining variation in stop and search rates in Scotland, England and Wales. Policing and Society, 28(2), 157-174.

legal rules, police accountability, police discretion, stop and search

ABSTRACT From a position of near parity in 2005/2006, by 2012/2013 recorded search rates in Scotland exceeded those in England/Wales…

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Deuchar, R. (2011). ‘People Look at Us, the Way We Dress, and They Think We’re Gangsters’: Bonds, Bridges, Gangs and Refugees: A Qualitative Study of Inter-Cultural Social Capital in Glasgow. Journal of Refugee Studies, 24(4), 672-689. doi:10.1093/jrs/fer032

refugee marginalization, social bonding, urban studies, youth gangs

It is widely recognized that refugee integration occurs most effectively within communities that are rich in inter-cultural social capital. This…

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