Working Group 5

Applying comparative mixed methods methodology in Police Stops Research


Different working groups will use existing quantitative and qualitative data sources and research outputs. This involves several methodological challenges. Firstly, WG5 will make the data available and accessible by integrating the existing data into one comparable dataset. Secondly, this integrated dataset has to contain similar variables so comparison is possible. Thirdly, the same exercise has to be done with qualitative data. Although a less strict protocol can be used to compare qualitative data, WG5
will fine tune measured variables, concepts and data in relation to qualitative data gathering methods (for example interviews contrasted with focus groups). Fourthly, WG5 will set out methodological bridges between quantitative and qualitative data. The scientific insights of the work of WG5 conceals a large amount of knowledge transfer, which will be integrated in a Training School for young researchers.

Action activities

1 Working group meeting, 2 STSM


• Unlock different national databases on Police Stops and integrate the data in comparable formats
• Make quantitative and qualitative data sources available for WGs 1-4
• Gaining insight into the monitoring and registration of Police Stops
• Seek best practices in monitoring and registration of Police Stops,
• Create more transparency and accountability in Police Stops


5.1 working plan and arrangements of the working group (M1); 5.2 codebook quantitative data (M6); 5.3 (Sensitizing) concepts for encryptions or coding qualitative data (M6); 5.4 Integrated dataset on quantitative data on police stops (making police stops comparable); 5.5 Overview dataset qualitative data (making police stops visible)

Working Group Members

  • Dr Noémia Bessa Vilela
    WG5 Leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: UPT Porto
  • Dr István Hoffman
    WG5 Co-leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Eötvös Loránd University
  • Dr Elizabeth Aston
    United Kingdom
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Edinburgh Napier University
  • Dr Megan O'Neill
    United Kingdom
    WG1 Co-leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Dundee University
  • Dr Randi Solhjell
    WG2 Leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Norwegian Police University College
  • Prof Torsten Kolind
    WG2 Co-leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Aarhus University
  • Dr János Fazekas
    WG3 Leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Eötvös Loránd University
  • Prof Zeljko Karas
    WG1 Leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Police College
  • Prof Jacques de Maillard
    WG4 Leader
    • Email:
    • Organisation: CESDIP
  • Dr Mike Rowe
    United Kingdom
    Action Vice Chair
    • Email:
    • Organisation: Liverpool University