Focus Data Analysis/Statistical landscape

Wortley, S., & Owusu-Bempah, A. (2011). The usual suspects: Police stop and search practices in Canada. Policing and Society, 21(4), 395-407.

This paper explores police stop and search activities in Canada using data from a 2007 survey of Toronto residents. The…

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Yunliang Meng. (2017). Profiling minorities: Police stop and search practices in Toronto, Canada. Human Geographies: Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 11(1), 5-23.

Black youth, GIS, police stops, Toronto.

This paper explores police stop and search practices in Toronto using the 2003-2012 data from Toronto Police Service. The findings…

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Ridgeway, G. (2009). Cincinnati Police Department traffic stops applying RAND’s framework to analyze racial disparities. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, Center on Quality Policing.

Cincinnatti., discrimination in law enforcement, Ohio, police, Race discrimination, Racial profiling in law enforcement, Traffic Violations

In 2002, the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) joined with other agencies and organizations to improve police-community relations in the city.…

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Qureshi, F. (2012). Police Stop and Search in a Southern English County. The Police Journal, 1-18.

This article looks at recorded Stop and Search activity in a southern English county from April 2003 to March 2006.…

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Miller, J. (2010). Stop and Search in England: A Reformed Tactic or Business as Usual? The British Journal of Criminology, 50(5), 954-974.

disproportionality, police accountability, police reform, Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, stop and search

In 1999, the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry heavily criticized ethnic disparities in stop and search (‘disproportionality’), triggering a national reform effort…

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Hargreaves, J. (2018). Police Stop and Search Within British Muslim Communities: Evidence From the Crime Survey 2006–11. The British Journal of Criminology, 58(6), 1281-1302.

 communities, British, Crime Survey data, Muslim, police, search, stop

This article discusses police stop and search within British Muslim communities and reports the analysis of statistical data collected by…

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