Keywords cognitive bias

García-España, E., Arenas García, L., Miller, J. (2016). Identificaciones policiales y perfil racial en España. Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch. 

cognitive bias, police effectiveness, police identification

This book presents the results achieved with the evaluation of the Effective Police Identification Program (PIPE) promoted by the Platform…

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Barnum, C., & Perfetti, R. (2010). Race-Sensitive Choices by Police Officers in Traffic Stop Encounters. Police Quarterly, 13(2), 180-208.

baseline, cognitive activity, cognitive bias, discrimination, disproportionality, disproportionate, minority, officer, police, race, racial, racial profiling, stereotyping, traffic analysis

This study introduces a statistical estimator that can be used to examine disproportionate traffic stop behavior of police officers. This…

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