Keywords Law

Coviello, D., & Persico, N. (2015). An economic analysis of black-white disparities in the New York police Department’s stop-and-frisk programa. Journal of Legal Studies, 44(2), 315-360.


We introduce a model to explore the identification of two distinct sources of bias in the New York Police Department’s…

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Belina, Bernd & Svenja Keitzel (2018): Racial Profiling. Kriminologisches Journal 50(1): 18-24.

Institutional racism, Justice, Law, police, racial profiling

Like no other field of science critical criminology is predestined to analyze and criticize racial profiling. This paper identifies three…

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Amnesty International (2014) Racial/ethnic profiling: Positionspapier zu menschenrechtswidrigen personenkontrollen. Sektion der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e. V.

Ethnic/racial profiling, Institutional racism, Justice, Law, police

The report concerns the issue of racial profiling in Germany, namely those who supposedly "do not look like Germans" and…

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