Keywords Traffic Violations

Ridgeway, G. (2009). Cincinnati Police Department traffic stops applying RAND’s framework to analyze racial disparities. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, Center on Quality Policing.

Cincinnatti., discrimination in law enforcement, Ohio, police, Race discrimination, Racial profiling in law enforcement, Traffic Violations

In 2002, the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) joined with other agencies and organizations to improve police-community relations in the city.…

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O’Reilly, J. (2002).┬áPolice Traffic Stops and Racial Profiling Resolving Management, Labor and Civil Rights Conflicts. Springfield: Charles C Thomas.

discrimination in law enforcement, Racial profiling in law enforcement, Traffic Violations

This text examines the numbers, the advocacy arguments and the practical realities of the'racial profiling'controversy. By applying law, logic, electoral…

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