Keywords Young people

Saarikkomäki, E. (2017). Trust in public and private policing: Young people’s encounters with the police and private security guards. PhD thesis. University of Helsinki

 procedural justice, Labelling, police, private security, Trust, Young people

While general trust in the police is high in Finland, young people’s encounters with the police can be problematic. The…

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De Hert, P., & Meerschaut, K. (2007). Identiteitscontroles in rechtsvergelijkend perspectief. Moet controle op kleur worden gemeten. Orde van de dag, 40, 11-20.

discrimination, identity checks, minority status, registration of ethnic data, Young people

The use of identity checks by the police is regularly contested by groups of young people with an immigrant origin.…

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Ansel-Henry, A. J., Susanne Branner (2003). Konflikt på gadeplan. Når etnisk minoritetsungdom og politi mødes [street conflicts. When ethnic minorities meet]: 1-82. Center for ungdomsforskning, Roskilde Universitetscenter

conflict, ethnic minorities, police, street-level, Young people

The aim of this report is to illuminate the street-level meeting between young Danes with minority ethnic backgrounds and the…

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