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Yesufu, S. (2013). Discriminatory Use of Police Stop-and-Search Powers in London, UK. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 15(4), 281-293.

discrimination, police, prejudice, racism, stop and search

This paper has three purposes: first, to highlight the history of police abuses of power in relation to dealing with…

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Tiratelli, M., Quinton, P., & Bradford, B. (2018). Does Stop and Search Deter Crime? Evidence From Ten Years of London-wide Data. The British Journal of Criminology, 58(5), 1212-1231.

deterrence, policing, stop and search

In this article, we used ten years of police, crime and other data from London to investigate the potential effect…

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Skogan, W. G. (1994). Contacts between police and public: Findings from the 1992 British Crime Survey. HM Stationery Office

Although earlier surveys showed a steady decline in the number of people rating police performance as very good, this decline…

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Stone, V., & Pettigrew, N. (2000). The views of the public on stops and searches. London, England: Home Office, Policing and Reducing Crime Unit, Research, Development and Statistics Directorate

The fieldwork comprised face-to-face depth interviews with 55 individuals stopped or searched by the police during the pilot and discussion…

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Rowe, M., Turner, E. and Pearson, G. (2016), ‘Learning and Practicing Police Craft’, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, 5(3), pp 276-286.

craft, Ethnography, policing, professional education, professionalization

The authors consider current policy debates in the UK about the professionalisation of the police to respond to changing patterns…

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Rowe, M., Pearson, G., & Turner, E. (2017). Body-worn cameras and the law of unintended consequences: Some questions arising from emergent practices. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 12(1), 83-90.

None given

Research on body-worn cameras (BWC) has tended, through evaluations or randomized controlled trials, to look to demonstrate some assumed benefit…

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Qureshi, F. (2012). Police Stop and Search in a Southern English County. The Police Journal, 1-18.

This article looks at recorded Stop and Search activity in a southern English county from April 2003 to March 2006.…

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Nawaz, A., & Tankebe, J. (2018). Tracking Procedural Justice in Stop and Search Encounters: Coding Evidence from Body-Worn Video Cameras. Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing, 2(3), 139-163.

Procedural justice . Tracking . Body-worn video . Stop and search . Police citizen encounters

To what extent do police stop-and-search practices, as captured on officers’ body-worn video cameras, adhere to key dimensions of procedural…

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Miller, J. (2010). Stop and Search in England: A Reformed Tactic or Business as Usual? The British Journal of Criminology, 50(5), 954-974.

disproportionality, police accountability, police reform, Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, stop and search

In 1999, the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry heavily criticized ethnic disparities in stop and search (‘disproportionality’), triggering a national reform effort…

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