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Quinton, P. (2011). The formation of suspicions: Police stop and search practices in England and Wales. Policing and Society, 21(4), 357-368.

police-initiated contact; suspicion; discretion; stereotyping

This paper explores the interpretative practices of the police when carrying out stops and searches. Drawing on ethnographic research carried…

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Qureshi, F. (2007). The impact of extended police stop and search powers under the UK Criminal Justice Act 2003. Policing, 30(3), 466-483.

Arrest, Criminal Justice, Ethnic groups, Laws and legislation, police, United Kingdom

The introduction of the UK's Criminal Justice Act (CJA) 2003 extended police stop and search powers. It allowed officers to…

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Qureshi, F. (2012). Police Stop and Search in a Southern English County. The Police Journal, 1-18.

This article looks at recorded Stop and Search activity in a southern English county from April 2003 to March 2006.…

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Parpworth, N. (2014). Allegations of the Discriminatory Use of Stop and Search Powers before the Courts: Some Recent English and American Experiences. The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles, 87(2), 92-104.

stop and search; discrimination; official statistics; legal challenge; accountability

Statutory stop and search powers constitute an important weapon in the police’s armoury in the battle to prevent or detect…

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Parpworth, N. (2014). Reforming Police Powers of Stop And Search: Voluntary Action. The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles, 87(4), 234-244.

stop and search; reforms; voluntary nature; legislative threat

The police use of statutory stop and search powers is an ongoing cause for concern. Research evidence dating back a…

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Parmar, A. (2011). Stop and search in London: Counter-terrorist or counter-productive? Policing and Society, 21(4), 369-382.

Asian Muslims, counter-terrorist, criminalising, policing, stop and search

The principle of ‘reasonable suspicion’ aims to prevent the abuse of the police power to stop, search and arrest and…

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O’Neill, M. (2015). The case for the acceptable ‘other’: The impact of partnerships, pcsos, and neighbourhood policing on diversity in policing. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 9(1), 77-88.

None given

Policing in England and Wales has experienced several significant events and developments since the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993.…

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Nawaz, A., & Tankebe, J. (2018). Tracking Procedural Justice in Stop and Search Encounters: Coding Evidence from Body-Worn Video Cameras. Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing, 2(3), 139-163.

Procedural justice . Tracking . Body-worn video . Stop and search . Police citizen encounters

To what extent do police stop-and-search practices, as captured on officers’ body-worn video cameras, adhere to key dimensions of procedural…

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