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Solhjell, R., Saarikkomäki, E. Haller, M.B., Wästerfors, D. & Kolind, T. (2018) “We are seen as a threat”: Police stops of young ethnic minorities in the Nordic countries. Critical Criminology, 1-15.

experiencing, intersectionality, minorities, police stops, youth

This article focuses on the perspectives of young ethnic minorities in the Nordic countries who have experienced various forms of…

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Sollund, R. (2006). Racialisation in police stop and search practice – the Norwegian case. Critical Criminology, 14(3), 265-292.

Ethnic Minority, Ethnic Minority Background, Ethnic Minority Group, police discretion, Police Work

This paper explores the reasons for the conflictual relationship between the police and ethnic minority men in stop and search…

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Sollund, R. (2007). Tatt for en annen: En feltstudie av relasjonen mellom etniske minoriteter og politiet. [Mistaken for someone else: A field study of relations between ethnic minorities and the police]. Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk.

ethnic minorities, experiences, police stops, youth

Ragnhild Sollund (criminology) published on the topic of relations between ethnic minorities and the police through a book entitled “Mistaken…

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Olsen, Hilgunn (2017) Open drug scenes and police strategies in Oslo, Norway, Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention, 18:2, 141-156, DOI: 10.1080/14043858.2017.1388028

 drug policy,  dual-track policy,  harm reduction,  illicit drugs,  open drug scene, Police strategies

As part of her ongoing PhD-project, Hilgunn Olsen has looked into differences in police strategies related to open drug scenes…

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Leon Hernandez, I. A. (2019). Embodying experiences of (in)security : exploring ethnic minority youth’s encounters with the police and policing practices in Oslo. Master thesis. Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås

ethnic minorities, experiencing police stops, security, violence

The police are a state institution with the power to coerce and maintain “order” within a society so that individuals…

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Haller, M. B., R. Solhjell, E. Saarikkomäki, T. Kolind, G. Hunt, D. Wästerfors (2018). “Minor harassments: Ethnic minority youth in the Nordic countries and their perceptions of the police.” Criminology & Criminal Justice.

 procedural justice, Ethnic minority youth, micro-aggressions, minor harassments, Nordic policing

As different social groups are directly and indirectly confronted with diverse forms of police practices, different sectors of the population…

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Finstad, L. (2018). Hva er politi? [What is police?]. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget

police, racialized profiling, stop and search

Chapter 4: Discussing "Guilty until proven innocent? On stop and search on potential suspects". This is a particularly useful reference…

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