Sollund, R. (2007). Tatt for en annen: En feltstudie av relasjonen mellom etniske minoriteter og politiet. [Mistaken for someone else: A field study of relations between ethnic minorities and the police]. Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk.

Published on 10/01/2020

Ragnhild Sollund (criminology) published on the topic of relations between ethnic minorities and the police through a book entitled “Mistaken for someone else”. In Chapter 11, she presents both survey data (conducted by Nova) and her own qualitative findings on minority youth’s experiences of police stops, including why they believe they were stopped, what explanations they got from the police, how they feel/felt, resistance towards the police, and how police stops are racialized. Part of this research is also available in English in Critical Criminology on the relationship between the police’ use of derogatory words among themselves on minorities and the experience of racialized police controls by ethnic minorities’.

Saudelli, I., De Kimpe, S., & Christiaens, J. (2018). Evaluatie en regulatie van de praktijk van identiteitscontroles. Cahiers Politiestudies (Journal of Police Studies), (48), 209-226.

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Tiratelli, M., Quinton, P., & Bradford, B. (2018). Does Stop and Search Deter Crime? Evidence From Ten Years of London-wide Data. The British Journal of Criminology, 58(5), 1212-1231.

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