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Anjos, M. R. (2016) Eficiência do procedimento tributário versus garantias do arguido – Comentário ao Acórdão do Tribunal Constitucional nº 340/2013 de 17 de junho de 2013. In Liber Amicorum Manuel Simas Santos. 1ª Edição. Rei dos Livros. pág. 949-966

Tax Processo; guarantees; arguido; search and seizure

Article published in a Collective Book, in honor of Judge Counselor Manuel Simas Santos. Corresponds to the publication of a…

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Fabien Jobard et al. (2012). Measuring Appearance-Based Discrimination: an Analysis of Identity Checks in Paris. Population (Vol. 67), p. 423-451

discrimination, France, identity check, minorities, police, profiling

This article sets out the main results of a survey conducted by the Centre for Sociological Research on Law and…

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Wortley, S., & Owusu-Bempah, A. (2011). The usual suspects: Police stop and search practices in Canada. Policing and Society, 21(4), 395-407.

This paper explores police stop and search activities in Canada using data from a 2007 survey of Toronto residents. The…

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Yesufu, S. (2013). Discriminatory Use of Police Stop-and-Search Powers in London, UK. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 15(4), 281-293.

discrimination, police, prejudice, racism, stop and search

This paper has three purposes: first, to highlight the history of police abuses of power in relation to dealing with…

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Yunliang Meng. (2017). Profiling minorities: Police stop and search practices in Toronto, Canada. Human Geographies: Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 11(1), 5-23.

Black youth, GIS, police stops, Toronto.

This paper explores police stop and search practices in Toronto using the 2003-2012 data from Toronto Police Service. The findings…

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Zagórski J., Zatrzymanie przez Policję oraz umieszczenie w policyjnych izbach zatrzymań (2004). Państwo i Prawo, , 84-97

police premises for arrested persons, stop

The article describes the aims, grounds and procedure related to stop regulated by the Police Act. The author focuses also…

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de Maillard, J. (2019). Les contrôles d’identité, entre politiques policières, pratiques professionnelles et effets sociaux. Un état critique des connaissances. Champ pénal/Penal Field, Vol. 16. 

delinquency, discrimination, police, stop and search, Trust

The purpose of this article is to propose a critical state of knowledge on control practices and policies and their…

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de Maillard, J., Zagrodzki, M. (2017). Styles de police et légitimité policière. La question des contrôles. Droit et Société, n°97, p. 485-501.

Police – Police and public relationship – Police legitimacy – Police organization – Policing styles – Stop and search – Street policing

Policing styles are reflected in law enforcement agencies’ methods, deci- sions, and priorities. Based on an ethnographic study of police…

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