Keywords Ethnography

Aden, H., Bosch, A., Fährmann, J. and Thurn, R. (2022), “Police stops in Germany – between legal rules and informal practices”, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, Vol. 11 No. 2, pp. 116-131.

discrimination, Ethnography, Germany, Human rights, legality, micro-politics, police stops

Purpose This paper analyzes micro-political strategies that police officers use during police stops, mostly based on their professional or personal…

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Rowe, M., Turner, E. and Pearson, G. (2016), ‘Learning and Practicing Police Craft’, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, 5(3), pp 276-286.

craft, Ethnography, policing, professional education, professionalization

The authors consider current policy debates in the UK about the professionalisation of the police to respond to changing patterns…

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Lalander, P. (2017). Staging “Chileanness”: Ethnicity, illegal drug economy and social structures. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 24(3), 240-247. doi:10.1080/09687637.2016.1264371

 culture,  drug dealing,  economy,  illegal,  staged,  street, ethnicity, Ethnography

Aim: Following a group of young men with Chilean background living in a Swedish territorially stigmatised area, the author analyses…

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