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Weisburd, D., Telep, C., & Lawton, B. (2014). Could Innovations in Policing have Contributed to the New York City Crime Drop even in a Period of Declining Police Strength?: The Case of Stop, Question and Frisk as a Hot Spots Policing Strategy. Justice Quarterly, 31(1), 129-153.

crime decline, hot spots policing, New York City, police innovation, question and frisk, stop

Available data make it impossible to reach strong conclusions about the role of policing in the New York crime decline.…

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Rengifo, A. F., & Fowler, K. (2016). Stop, question, and complain: citizen grievances against the NYPD and the opacity of police stops across New York City precincts, 2007–2013. Journal of Urban Health, 93(1), 32-41.

civilian complaints, misconduct, policing, question and frisk, stop

Data on police stops can be examined to reflect on the relative “opacity” of these encounters and how aggregate patterns…

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