Aasgaard, I. & M. Langford (2019) “Policing”, book chapter in Langford, Skivenes & Søvig (eds), Children Rights in Norway: an Implementation paradox. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

Published on 10/01/2020

This chapter specifically addressed racial profiling in Norway. Aasgaard and Langford debates the international critique of Norway (e.g. EU, UN) when it comes to the lack of research and information on racial profiling, especially stop and search situations. Among other things, they (p. 209) argue that the burden is with authorities to substantiate with research that racial profiling does not exist.

Alpert, Geoffrey P., John M. MacDonald, and Roger G. Dunham. "Police suspicion and discretionary decision making during citizen stops." Criminology 43.2 (2005): 407-434.

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