Cora Ł., O pojęciu pozaprocesowego zatrzymania osoby (2008). Państwo i Prawo, 3, 72-82

Published on 10/01/2020

The article describes the aims, grounds and procedure related to stop regulated by the Police Act. There are three types of such stop in the Police Act – stop for the purpose of protection of legal order and public safety, stop for the reason of threat to life and health posed by the person and stop in order to escort a person to penitentiary facility

Constantinou, A. G. (2016). “Demystifying” the police: a participant observation study of police stops (and searches). International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice, 40(1), 79-99.

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Deuchar, R. (2010). ‘It’s Just Pure Harassment... As If It’s a Crime to Walk in the Street’: Anti-social Behaviour, Youth Justice and Citizenship — The Reality for Young Men in the East End of Glasgow. Youth Justice, 10(3), 258-274. doi:10.1177/1473225410381686

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