Crofts, T. (2010). Stop and Search without Reasonable Suspicion: Is WA Becoming a Police State? Alternative Law Journal, 35(4), 199-202.

Published on 10/01/2020

In response to fear that violent crime is getting out of control, especially in entertainment districts, there is currently a Bill before the Western Australian Parliament which will allow police to stop and search without the consent of the person and without reasonable suspicion in designated areas. This article explores the reasons for the proposed extension of police powers in WA’ and argues that the powers are unnecessary, that the legislation contains inadequate safeguards, that it is likely to lead to the targeting of certain groups in the community and that it could undermine public confidence in the police.

Constantinou, A. G. (2016). “Demystifying” the police: a participant observation study of police stops (and searches). International journal of comparative and applied criminal justice, 40(1), 79-99.

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Deuchar, R. (2010). ‘It’s Just Pure Harassment... As If It’s a Crime to Walk in the Street’: Anti-social Behaviour, Youth Justice and Citizenship — The Reality for Young Men in the East End of Glasgow. Youth Justice, 10(3), 258-274. doi:10.1177/1473225410381686

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