Dobrowolska-Opła, M. (2018) Rola Policji w zapewnianiu bezpieczeństwa meczów piłki nożnej w ujęciu sieciowym, Toruń

Published on 10/01/2020

The study focuses on Police effectiveness in preventing soccer hooliganism, including amont other factors the use of stop & search practices.

de Maillard, J., Hunold, D., Roché, S., & Oberwittler, D. (2018). Different styles of policing: discretionary power in street controls by the public police in France and Germany. Policing and society, 28(2), 175-188.

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Ellis, D. (2012). Stop and Search: Disproportionality, Discretion and Generalisations. The Police Journal, 83(3), 1-18.

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