Easton, M. et al. (2009) Multiple community policing: Hoezo?. Gent: Academia Press

Published on 10/01/2020

The research of Easton, et al. mainly focuses on the community policing philosophy of the Belgian police. In their report the authors also pay attention to the way citizens experience identity controls. They write that Roma gypsies and people of North-African origin have the feeling they are being targeted and discriminated by the police because of their ethnic background.

de Maillard, J., Hunold, D., Roché, S., & Oberwittler, D. (2018). Different styles of policing: discretionary power in street controls by the public police in France and Germany. Policing and society, 28(2), 175-188.

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Ellis, D. (2012). Stop and Search: Disproportionality, Discretion and Generalisations. The Police Journal, 83(3), 1-18.

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