Holmberg, L., & Kyvsgaard, B. (2003). Are immigrants and their descendants discriminated against in the Danish criminal justice system? . Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention, 4, 125–142.

Published on 10/01/2020

The study presents Danish data from 2000 showing disparities between persons with a Danish background and persons with a foreign background regarding their treatment in the criminal justice system. Persons with a foreign background are more likely to be arrested in relation to a charge, they are more likely to be remanded in custody without subsequently being convicted, and they are more likely not to be convicted when charged with an offence. Controlling for a number of factors regarding the suspect and the crime does not eliminate the disparities. A number of possible explanations are discussed.

Havis, S., Best, D., & Police Complaints Authority. (2004). Stop and search complaints (2000-2001) : Summary report. London: Police Complaints Authority.

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Jacobs, P. (2011). The use of section 60 powers in Brent: Considers the targeting of stop and search in the London borough. Criminal Justice Matters, 86(1), 22-23.

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