Kyvsgaard, B. (2001). “Kriminalitet, retshaandhaevelse og etniske minoriteter.” Juristen.

Published on 10/01/2020

It is well known that people with a foreign ethnic background are overrepresented in the criminal justice system. The difference between persons of foreign ethnic origin and other persons is explained below in the light of the most recent study in this area. It is also discussed whether this overrepresentation is due to the circumstances of the ethnic minorities or to mechanisms in the justice system, so that ethnic minorities are at particular risk of being registered for crime. In order to elucidate the latter question, a study has been carried out on whether there is a difference between ethnic minorities and persons of Danish origin in the proportion of charges ending in prosecution or acquittal and in the frequency of arrest

Ip, J. (2017). The Legality of ‘suspicionless’ Stop and Search Powers under the European Convention on Human Rights. Human Rights Law Review, 17(3), 523-544.

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Laurent, O. (2011). Stop-and-search powers return. The British Journal of Photography, 158(7787), 12.

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