Pływaczewski, E. (2017). Bezpieczeństwo obywateli – prawa człowieka – zrównoważony rozwój, Białystok

Published on 10/01/2020

The study analyses conflict between human rights and modern threats to public safety, also with regard to ethnic profiling and new technologies.

Peterson, A. (2013). Leanne Weber and Ben Bowling (eds), Stop and Search: Police Power in Global Context. Punishment & Society, 15(4), 429-431.

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Rengifo, A. F., & Fowler, K. (2016). Stop, question, and complain: citizen grievances against the NYPD and the opacity of police stops across New York City precincts, 2007–2013. Journal of Urban Health, 93(1), 32-41.

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