Vanassche, N. & A. Verhage (2015) Racisme en etnisch profileren door politie: in België? Cahiers Politiestudies, 35-58

Published on 10/01/2020

The authors examine to what extent the ethnic minority youth of Kortrijk experiences the actions of the police as racist. They make use of focus groups and interviews. The answers of the respondents show that they perceive the actions of the police as biased and that the police is targeting certain population groups. The youngsters admitted doing very little to bring this to the police’s attention.

Søgaard, T. F. (2018). "Voices of the Banned:Emergent Causality and the Unforeseen Consequences of Patron Banning Policies." Contemporary Drug Problems 45(1): 15-32.

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Wortley, S., & Owusu-Bempah, A. (2011). The usual suspects: Police stop and search practices in Canada. Policing and Society, 21(4), 395-407.

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