Keywords stop and search

Hendy, R. (2022), “Suspicious minds and suspicioning: constructing suspicion during policework”, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, Vol. 11 No. 2, pp. 132-146.

New Zealand, police practice, policing, South Australia, stop and search, suspicion

Purpose This article explores officer use of suspicion before informal police-citizen encounters as a method to further understand police officer…

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Yesufu, S. (2013). Discriminatory Use of Police Stop-and-Search Powers in London, UK. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 15(4), 281-293.

discrimination, police, prejudice, racism, stop and search

This paper has three purposes: first, to highlight the history of police abuses of power in relation to dealing with…

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de Maillard, J. (2019). Les contrôles d’identité, entre politiques policières, pratiques professionnelles et effets sociaux. Un état critique des connaissances. Champ pénal/Penal Field, Vol. 16. 

delinquency, discrimination, police, stop and search, Trust

The purpose of this article is to propose a critical state of knowledge on control practices and policies and their…

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Tiratelli, M., Quinton, P., & Bradford, B. (2018). Does Stop and Search Deter Crime? Evidence From Ten Years of London-wide Data. The British Journal of Criminology, 58(5), 1212-1231.

deterrence, policing, stop and search

In this article, we used ten years of police, crime and other data from London to investigate the potential effect…

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Pływaczewski, W., B. Wiśniewski, Szczytno (ed) (2012). Przestępczość stadionowa. Diagnoza i przeciwdziałanie zjawisku.

soccer hooliganism, stop and search

The monograph focuses on the issue of factors determining safety during mass sport events, including legal and technical methods of…

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Pływaczewski,W., J. Kudrelek, Szczytno (ed) (2010). Przestępczość stadionowa. Etiologia, fenomenologia, przeciwdziałanie zjawisku.

soccer hooliganism, stop and search

The study concerns mostly the issue of reasons and possible preventive measures towards soccer hooligans.

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Parmar, A. (2011). Stop and search in London: Counter-terrorist or counter-productive? Policing and Society, 21(4), 369-382.

Asian Muslims, counter-terrorist, criminalising, policing, stop and search

The principle of ‘reasonable suspicion’ aims to prevent the abuse of the police power to stop, search and arrest and…

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Miller, J. (2010). Stop and Search in England: A Reformed Tactic or Business as Usual? The British Journal of Criminology, 50(5), 954-974.

disproportionality, police accountability, police reform, Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, stop and search

In 1999, the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry heavily criticized ethnic disparities in stop and search (‘disproportionality’), triggering a national reform effort…

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Murray, K., & Harkin, D. (2017). Policing in Cool and Hot Climates: Legitimacy, Power and the Rise and Fall of Mass Stop and Search in Scotland. British Journal Of Criminology, 57(4), 885-905.

police accountability, police legitimacy, Scottish policing, stop and search

Prior to the amalgamation of Scotland’s eight police forces into Police Scotland in 2013 by the Scottish National Party government,…

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