Keywords stop and search

Flacks, S. (2018). Law, necropolitics and the stop and search of young people. Theoretical Criminology, 136248061877403.

Michel Foucault, police and policing, race and class, stop and search, youth

Stop and search can harm young people, damage relations between police and the community and alienate ethnic and racial minorities.…

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Ellis, D. (2012). Stop and Search: Disproportionality, Discretion and Generalisations. The Police Journal, 83(3), 1-18.

discretion, intuition, reasonable suspicion, stop and search, suspicion

It has long been recognised that discretion is vital to good police work. However, in Britain (and many other countries),…

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Finstad, L. (2000). Politiblikket [The Police Gaze]. Oslo: Pax Forlag.

deviant behavior, Police gaze, stop and search

This book, for the first time, provided a comprehensive criminological study of the police service, described by the police themselves.…

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Dobrowolska-Opła, M. (2018) Rola Policji w zapewnianiu bezpieczeństwa meczów piłki nożnej w ujęciu sieciowym, Toruń

soccer hooliganism, stop and search

The study focuses on Police effectiveness in preventing soccer hooliganism, including amont other factors the use of stop & search…

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Delsol, R. & M. Shiner (eds) (2015). Stop and Search: the Anatomy of a Police Power. London: Palgrave Macmillan

effectivness, policing, stop and search, Trust

This book reviews the key controversies surrounding the police power to stop and search members of the public. It explores…

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de Maillard, J., Hunold, D., Roché, S., & Oberwittler, D. (2018). Different styles of policing: discretionary power in street controls by the public police in France and Germany. Policing and society, 28(2), 175-188.

comparison, discrimination, police, proactive policing, stop and search, street policing

By analysing French and German police stop and search on the streets based on embedded observations in police patrols and…

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Bowling, B., & Phillips, C. (2007). Disproportionate and Discriminatory: Reviewing the Evidence on Police Stop and Search. Modern Law Review, 70(6), 936-961.

Criminal Justice, Police Powers, Racism Racial Discrimination, stop and search

Eight years after the Lawrence Inquiry, the question of police powers to stop and search people in public places remains…

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Ariel, B., & Tankebe, J. (2018). Racial stratification and multiple outcomes in police stops and searches. Policing and Society, 28(5), 507-525.

arrests, Donald Black, ethnicity, formal warnings, stop and search, Stratification

The present study explores ethnic differences in stop-and-search outcomes. It uses data from 53,858 stop-and-search incidents recorded by a United…

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Aasgaard, I. & M. Langford (2019) “Policing”, book chapter in Langford, Skivenes & Søvig (eds), Children Rights in Norway: an Implementation paradox. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

Children, racial profiling, stop and search

This chapter specifically addressed racial profiling in Norway. Aasgaard and Langford debates the international critique of Norway (e.g. EU, UN)…

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