Almeida, C.A. S. (2006). Medidas Cautelares e de Polícia do Processo Penal, em Direito Comparado. 1st. Ed. Almedina. Coimbra

Published on 18/05/2020

The classical dichotomy between the public and private sectors was the driving force that enabled the development of public forms of police. With the fading of this dichotomy, police gains new outlines, yielding to the economic exploitation of security, which began in the private sphere but progressively it seems to dominate the public sphere. In this book the Author draw a quite interesting view of this problem. The conclusion is that police acts and powers did increase, particulary on administrative measures of control the society in several fields.

Oberwittler D., Roché S. (2018). Ethnic disparities in police-initiated contacts of adloscents and attitudes towards the police in France and Germany. In Oberwittler D., Roché S. (Eds.), Police-citizen relations across the world. Comparing sources and contexts of trust and legitimacy, Abingdon, Routledge, 73-107.

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