Arenas García, L. y García-España, E. (2019). “La gestión de la diversidad en la cultura policial: Aproximación empírica a políticas policiales de identificación en calle” en Securitización de las fronteras y criminalización de los inmigrantes en la era de la Globalización. Ediciones jurídicas de Santiago (Chile).

Published on 10/01/2020

Given the transcendence and impact of police management of diversity in society, this paper aims to conceptually delimit the term, as well as its origin and development; to know the initiatives that have taken place on the subject at the international level; to analyze the first experiences in the Spanish context, among which the PIPE program and its predecessors stand out; and to provide key actions that help an effective police management of diversity. In order to respond to the proposed objectives, several secondary sources of information have been triangulated, emphasizing in particular the use of empirical works

Aasgaard, I. & M. Langford (2019) “Policing”, book chapter in Langford, Skivenes & Søvig (eds), Children Rights in Norway: an Implementation paradox. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

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Avdija, A. (2014). Police Stop-and-Frisk Practices: An Examination of Factors That Affect Officers' Decisions to Initiate a Stop-and-Frisk Police Procedure. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 16(1), 26-35.

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