Brito, N. M. (2013) Direito Administrativo de Polícia. In: Tratado de Direito Administrativo Especial, Volume IV. Coord. Paulo Otero e Pedro Gonçalves. Almedina. Coimbra. Pag. 281 – 420

Published on 18/05/2020

Special Administrative Law Treaty, is a book in 4 volumes. In the book IV are published several articles, by academics, about Police Law as a part of special ??Administrative Law. In Volume IV it deals in particular with Administrative Police Law, from the perspective of fundamental rights and treatment of general principles and concepts of Police Law and controversial issues from a procedural point of view.

Oberwittler D., Roché S. (2018). Ethnic disparities in police-initiated contacts of adloscents and attitudes towards the police in France and Germany. In Oberwittler D., Roché S. (Eds.), Police-citizen relations across the world. Comparing sources and contexts of trust and legitimacy, Abingdon, Routledge, 73-107.

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