Duarte, F. B. (2009)“A problemática jurídica da detenção de requerentes de asilo e imigrantes irregulares na Europa e em Portugal : eventuais alternativas à detenção” in ResPublica : Revista Lusófona de Ciência Política, Segurança e Relações Internacionais nº 09.

Published on 18/05/2020

The legal problem of the detention of asylum seekers and irregular immigrants takes on special importance during the period of our collective history, when the migratory phenomenon, in the middle of the 21st century (century of the peoples’ movement) will increasingly tend to condition and pulverize state and supra state public policies. As a political, economic, social, religious and cultural phenomenon, the migratory phenomenon, whether you like it more or less, address it more generally or in more detail, will almost necessarily have to be in the political, legislative and legal priorities of the States Europeans and also at the level of the European Union institutions. Much of the future of Europe and Portugal is umbilically associated, politically and legally, to the way they know how to work immigration in each of its multiple variables. First of all, paying special attention to variables, such as population aging and fertility and birth rates, among many others. Faithful to its collective past, it makes sense that Europe and Portugal of diversity, tolerance, respect for human rights, even in times of economic and social crisis, such as the one we are currently experiencing, should not compromise in their humanist and influential principles. Christian.”

CARVALHO, J.C.S. (2014). Da identificação de suspeitos e consequências jurídicas da recusa. Dissertação de Mestrado Integrado em Ciências Policiais.

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Monte, M.F., Freitas, P. M. (2019). Medidas de Coação. In Coleção CEJ - Aplicação de Medidas de Coação e Suspensão do Processo. Centro de Estudos Judiciários. Lisboa

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