Silva, I.J.F.C. (2017) “Abuso de Autoridade na Guarda Nacional Republicana: um contributo exploratório.” Master’s Degree in Militar Science – specialized in Security. Explorathory Study. Lisbon

Published on 18/05/2020

Investigation about “Abuse of Authority in the Republican National Guard: an exploring contribute”, and it was carried out in an attemptto perceive in what forms the Abuse of Authority in the institution is verified, as well as its impact and ways of reducing it.
The author analyzed the results obtained in thecollection and answered to the questions asked in order to obtain our conclusions. In the
end, the author concludes that there is, in fact, abuse of authority in the Republican National Guard.
However, the action has improved, and the society does not assign a negative impact to the National Republican Guard because of this rare and residual situations. We realize that the best way to reduce these situations involves a commitment to training, as well as to the evaluation, control and constant monitoring of action.

Relatório sobre "O RESPEITO PELOS DIREITOS HUMANOS EM PORTUGAL (2014). Divisão da Democracia, Direitos Humanos e Trabalho. Departamento de Estado dos E.U.A.

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Schaap, D., & Saarikkomäki, E. (2022). Rethinking police procedural justice. Theoretical Criminology.

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