Valente, M.M.G.(2012) “Teoria geral do direito policial. ” 6th Ed. Almedina editor. Coimbra

Published on 18/05/2020

The General Theory of Police Law is assumed as the development and affirmation of a scientific area of ??Law within the academy. The daily legality, which deals with and coexists with the daily life of each human person, which is reflected in a three-dimensionality and trifunctionality of the action of prevention and criminal repression of the various operators of the State, especially the Police, is presented back to the scientific community. Its structure is subordinated to the ratio iuris of a systematic legal unit, built on epistemology, teleology and axiology of the concretization of everyone’s fundamental rights, freedoms and guarantees. This book of ours is the result of being a democratic constitutional state

Relatório sobre "O RESPEITO PELOS DIREITOS HUMANOS EM PORTUGAL (2014). Divisão da Democracia, Direitos Humanos e Trabalho. Departamento de Estado dos E.U.A.

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Schaap, D., & Saarikkomäki, E. (2022). Rethinking police procedural justice. Theoretical Criminology.

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