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Solhjell, R., Saarikkomäki, E. Haller, M.B., Wästerfors, D. & Kolind, T. (2018) “We are seen as a threat”: Police stops of young ethnic minorities in the Nordic countries. Critical Criminology, 1-15.

experiencing, intersectionality, minorities, police stops, youth

This article focuses on the perspectives of young ethnic minorities in the Nordic countries who have experienced various forms of…

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Søgaard, T. F. (2018). “Voices of the Banned:Emergent Causality and the Unforeseen Consequences of Patron Banning Policies.” Contemporary Drug Problems 45(1): 15-32.

actor network theory, banning orders, emergent causality, nightlife, patron perspectives, unintended consequences

In Western cities, public authorities are increasingly resorting to the use of patron banning orders as means of reducing alcohol…

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Kyvsgaard, B. (2001). “Kriminalitet, retshaandhaevelse og etniske minoriteter.” Juristen.

criminal justice system, ethnic minorities, majority population

It is well known that people with a foreign ethnic background are overrepresented in the criminal justice system. The difference…

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Holmberg, L. (2000). “Discretionary Leniency and Typological Guilt: Results from a Danish Study of Police Discretion.” Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention 1(2): 179-194.

discretion, discrimination, police decisions

Results from a qualitative study of police discretion in Denmark are presented. The aim of the study was to investigate…

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Holmberg, L., & Kyvsgaard, B. (2003). Are immigrants and their descendants discriminated against in the Danish criminal justice system? . Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention, 4, 125–142.

 Conviction, Arrest, discrimination, minorities

The study presents Danish data from 2000 showing disparities between persons with a Danish background and persons with a foreign…

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Haller, M. B., R. Solhjell, E. Saarikkomäki, T. Kolind, G. Hunt, D. Wästerfors (2018). “Minor harassments: Ethnic minority youth in the Nordic countries and their perceptions of the police.” Criminology & Criminal Justice.

 procedural justice, Ethnic minority youth, micro-aggressions, minor harassments, Nordic policing

As different social groups are directly and indirectly confronted with diverse forms of police practices, different sectors of the population…

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Deuchar, R., T. F. Søgaard, C. Holligan, K. Miller, A. Bone and L. Borchardt (2018). “Social capital in Scottish and Danish neighbourhoods: paradoxes of a police–community nexus at the front line.” Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention 19(2): 187-203.

 communities,  Denmark,  Scotland,  social capital, Assets, policing

Community-oriented social capital strategies and punitive-oriented policing approaches conflict. Establishing local networking initiatives with community-oriented policing at the centre lends…

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