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Shiner, M., Z. Carre, R. Delsol, & N. Eastwood (2018). The Colour of Injustice: ‘Race’, drugs and law enforcement in England and Wales. London: StopWatch, LSE, Release.

A report that captures the police reform and frequency of stop and search conducted in England and Wales, focusing on…

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Skogan, W. G. (1994). Contacts between police and public: Findings from the 1992 British Crime Survey. HM Stationery Office

Although earlier surveys showed a steady decline in the number of people rating police performance as very good, this decline…

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Miller, J. (2015). Identificaciones policiales imparciales y eficaces. Lecciones sobre la reforma en cinco servicios policiales españoles.  Informe técnico. Open Society Foundations.

Around the world, police services, authorities and groups of civil society have worked hard to develop the best practices to…

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Keskinen et al. (2018). The Stopped: Spaces, Meanings and Practices of Ethnic Profiling –study. Sskh reports and discussion papers

disproportionality, Ethnic profiling, police stops

Part of a larger study. This research examined ethnic profiling in Finland with a focus on its prevalence, forms and…

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La ligue des droits de l’homme (2017) Contrôler et punir? Etude exploratoire sur le profilage ethnique dans les contrôles de police: paroles de cibles. Bruxelles: La Ligue des Droits de l’Homme.

Belgium, ethnic minorities, identity controls

In 2017, La ligue des droits de l’homme carried out research on ethnic profiling. They interrogated mainly ethnic minorities. The…

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Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. (2013). Stop and search powers: Are the police using them effectively and fairly?

effectivity, Justice, stop and search, Survey

Survey of 19,078 people across England and Wales about their opinions of the use of stop and search powers. Survey…

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Ferrocarril Clandestino (2010). Informe de investigación sobre controles, identificaciones y detenciones. Madrid. 

identity checks, migrants, testemonies

This report has been prepared based on testimonies collected from June 2009 to March 2010 on massive identity checks and…

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Amnesty International (2018) ‘Je weet nooit met mensen zoals jij’: politiebeleid ter preventie van etnisch profileren in België. Brussel: Amnesty International.

Ethnic/racial profiling, police, registration

In 2018 Amnesty International Belgium decided to do some research into ethnic profiling by interrogating police officers. 48 police officers…

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