Focus Survey

Défenseur des droits (2017). Enquête sur l’accès aux droits, vol. 1 – Relations police-population : le cas des contrôles d’identité. 

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While for the majority of respondents, police/population relations are satisfactory, specific groups of people report more contrasting experiences. Young people aged…

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Nicolas Jounin et al. (2015). Le faciès du contrôle. Contrôles d’identité, apparence et modes de vie des étudiant(e)s en Île-de-France. Déviance et Société (Vol. 39), p. 3-29

appearance, discrimination, ID checks, police, race, racism

Based on a quantitative survey among students, this article looks at the way police offi- cers carry out stops and…

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Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. (2013). Stop and search powers: Are the police using them effectively and fairly?

effectivity, Justice, stop and search, Survey

Survey of 19,078 people across England and Wales about their opinions of the use of stop and search powers. Survey…

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