Sofie De Kimpe speaks in the Belgian TV programme ‘Pano: Violence allowed?’

Published on 09/03/2021

The Belgian TV programme Pano conducted an investigation into police brutality, by examining testimonies, talking to experts and joining a police patrol. Prof. Sofie De Kimpe, the Action Chair of the Polstops Cost Action was one of the interviewed experts.

The programme showed that filming of police with mobile phones often triggers extra violence. In this regard, Prof. De Kimpe explained that there is no law in Belgium that allows or prohibits such filming. Nevertheless, it is actually allowed only when there is a societal benefit for that. This being a matter of interpretation, it is ultimately up to a judge to decide whether it was useful for the society.

Prof. De Kimpe has also stressed that the one-year police training, followed by a six-month internship is insufficient. A longer training, as seen in other countries, may bring more flexibility, empathy, violence management and better social and communication skills.

The full programme (in Dutch) is available here.

Photo by ev on Unsplash

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