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Fabien Jobard et al. (2012). Measuring Appearance-Based Discrimination: an Analysis of Identity Checks in Paris. Population (Vol. 67), p. 423-451

discrimination, France, identity check, minorities, police, profiling

This article sets out the main results of a survey conducted by the Centre for Sociological Research on Law and…

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de Maillard, J. (2019). Les contrôles d’identité, entre politiques policières, pratiques professionnelles et effets sociaux. Un état critique des connaissances. Champ pénal/Penal Field, Vol. 16. 

delinquency, discrimination, police, stop and search, Trust

The purpose of this article is to propose a critical state of knowledge on control practices and policies and their…

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de Maillard, J., Zagrodzki, M. (2017). Styles de police et légitimité policière. La question des contrôles. Droit et Société, n°97, p. 485-501.

Police – Police and public relationship – Police legitimacy – Police organization – Policing styles – Stop and search – Street policing

Policing styles are reflected in law enforcement agencies’ methods, deci- sions, and priorities. Based on an ethnographic study of police…

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Défenseur des droits (2017). Enquête sur l’accès aux droits, vol. 1 – Relations police-population : le cas des contrôles d’identité. 

None given

While for the majority of respondents, police/population relations are satisfactory, specific groups of people report more contrasting experiences. Young people aged…

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Nicolas Jounin et al. (2015). Le faciès du contrôle. Contrôles d’identité, apparence et modes de vie des étudiant(e)s en Île-de-France. Déviance et Société (Vol. 39), p. 3-29

appearance, discrimination, ID checks, police, race, racism

Based on a quantitative survey among students, this article looks at the way police offi- cers carry out stops and…

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Jobard, F., & Lévy, R. (2011). Racial profiling: The Parisian police experience. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 53(1), 87-93.

racial profiling, registration

The controversy over racial profiling in policing that is explored within the pages of the Canadian Journal of Criminology and…

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Fassin, D. (2015) Enforcing Order: An Ethnography of Urban Policing.

disadvantaged neighborhoods, ethnic minorities, minor infractions, urban policing

Over the course of 15 months, at the time of the 2005 riots, Didier Fassin carried out an ethnographic study…

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