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Filho, A. G. (2002). Poder de Polícia e a Limitação da Liberdade Física Individual. Lisboa: Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa.


This Master's thesis is about yhe police powers and the limitation of individual freedom, under several points of view. This…

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Fabien Jobard et al. (2012). Measuring Appearance-Based Discrimination: an Analysis of Identity Checks in Paris. Population (Vol. 67), p. 423-451

discrimination, France, identity check, minorities, police, profiling

This article sets out the main results of a survey conducted by the Centre for Sociological Research on Law and…

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Yesufu, S. (2013). Discriminatory Use of Police Stop-and-Search Powers in London, UK. International Journal of Police Science & Management, 15(4), 281-293.

discrimination, police, prejudice, racism, stop and search

This paper has three purposes: first, to highlight the history of police abuses of power in relation to dealing with…

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de Maillard, J. (2019). Les contrôles d’identité, entre politiques policières, pratiques professionnelles et effets sociaux. Un état critique des connaissances. Champ pénal/Penal Field, Vol. 16. 

delinquency, discrimination, police, stop and search, Trust

The purpose of this article is to propose a critical state of knowledge on control practices and policies and their…

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Nicolas Jounin et al. (2015). Le faciès du contrôle. Contrôles d’identité, apparence et modes de vie des étudiant(e)s en Île-de-France. Déviance et Société (Vol. 39), p. 3-29

appearance, discrimination, ID checks, police, race, racism

Based on a quantitative survey among students, this article looks at the way police offi- cers carry out stops and…

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Vanassche, N. & A. Verhage (2015) Racisme en etnisch profileren door politie: in België? Cahiers Politiestudies, 35-58

Belgium, Ethnic minority youth, Ethnic profiling, police, racism

The authors examine to what extent the ethnic minority youth of Kortrijk experiences the actions of the police as racist.…

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Verwee, I. (2013) De politierol bekeken door de bril van de burger. Een caleidoscoop van verwachtingen en betekenissen. Antwerpen: Maklu

citizen, police, role

Verwee examined the way in which the population describes the role of the police. She noticed big differences between population…

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Ridgeway, G. (2009). Cincinnati Police Department traffic stops applying RAND’s framework to analyze racial disparities. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, Center on Quality Policing.

Cincinnatti., discrimination in law enforcement, Ohio, police, Race discrimination, Racial profiling in law enforcement, Traffic Violations

In 2002, the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) joined with other agencies and organizations to improve police-community relations in the city.…

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