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Albuquerque,P. P. (2011). Comentário do Código de Processo Penal à luz da Constituição da República e da Convenção Europeia dos Direitos do Homem, 4ª Edição. Lisboa: Universidade Católica Editora.


History shows that security (internal and external) is essential and inseparable from the juridical and political organisation of a State,…

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Almeida, C.A. S. (2006). Medidas Cautelares e de Polícia do Processo Penal, em Direito Comparado. 1st. Ed. Almedina. Coimbra

Iprocedure Law; Personal Identification; Stop to identify

The classical dichotomy between the public and private sectors was the driving force that enabled the development of public forms…

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  Alves, M.J.& Gonçalves,F. (2011) – As medidas de coacção no processo penal português. 1st Ed. Almedina. Coimbra

enforcement measures; portuguese criminal process

The growth of social security privatization requires rethinking the principles of subsidiarity and democratic participation of citizens in social life,…

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Andrade, J. C. V. (2019) Os Direitos Fundamentais na Constituição Portuguesa de 1976. 6th Ed. Almedina, Coimbra

Fundamental rights; Human rights; Portuguese Constitution

However, the delegation of security functions or administrative police powers to private entities must be wary of the noxiousness of…

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Brito, N. M. (2013) Direito Administrativo de Polícia. In: Tratado de Direito Administrativo Especial, Volume IV. Coord. Paulo Otero e Pedro Gonçalves. Almedina. Coimbra. Pag. 281 – 420

Police Law; Administrative Law

Special Administrative Law Treaty, is a book in 4 volumes. In the book IV are published several articles, by academics,…

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Canotilho, G., Moreira, V., (2007) Constituição da República Anotada. Art. 31º annotated. Vol. I. 4th. Ed., Coimbra Editora. Coimbra

Habeas Corpus

This text annotate the 31º article of portuguese Constitution. It focus some important constitutional concepts, as: detention against law; the…

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Verwee, I. (2013) De politierol bekeken door de bril van de burger. Een caleidoscoop van verwachtingen en betekenissen. Antwerpen: Maklu

citizen, police, role

Verwee examined the way in which the population describes the role of the police. She noticed big differences between population…

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Sollund, R. (2007). Tatt for en annen: En feltstudie av relasjonen mellom etniske minoriteter og politiet. [Mistaken for someone else: A field study of relations between ethnic minorities and the police]. Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk.

ethnic minorities, experiences, police stops, youth

Ragnhild Sollund (criminology) published on the topic of relations between ethnic minorities and the police through a book entitled “Mistaken…

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Ridgeway, G. (2009). Cincinnati Police Department traffic stops applying RAND’s framework to analyze racial disparities. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, Center on Quality Policing.

Cincinnatti., discrimination in law enforcement, Ohio, police, Race discrimination, Racial profiling in law enforcement, Traffic Violations

In 2002, the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) joined with other agencies and organizations to improve police-community relations in the city.…

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