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Wagman, D. y Pernas, B. (2005). Perfil Racial en España: investigaciones y  recomendaciones. New York: Open Society Justice Initiative. 

The vast majority of police officers at all levels of the security forces, municipal, regional and national, admit to stop…

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Miller, J. (2015). Identificaciones policiales imparciales y eficaces. Lecciones sobre la reforma en cinco servicios policiales españoles.  Informe técnico. Open Society Foundations.

Around the world, police services, authorities and groups of civil society have worked hard to develop the best practices to…

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García-España, E., Arenas García, L., Miller, J. (2016). Identificaciones policiales y perfil racial en España. Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch. 

cognitive bias, police effectiveness, police identification

This book presents the results achieved with the evaluation of the Effective Police Identification Program (PIPE) promoted by the Platform…

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Ferrocarril Clandestino (2010). Informe de investigación sobre controles, identificaciones y detenciones. Madrid. 

identity checks, migrants, testemonies

This report has been prepared based on testimonies collected from June 2009 to March 2010 on massive identity checks and…

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Arenas, L./ García-España, E. (2016). Identificaciones policiales y discriminación racial en España. Evaluación de un programa para su reducción, en Boletín Criminológico, (3) 163.  

discrimination, police culture, police stop, racial profiling

According to some studies (ESS, 2010; García Añón et al, 2013), police officers treat people of different races or ethnic…

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