Call for Virtual Networking Support Grant

Published on 09/07/2021

Virtual Networking Tools aim to introduce two new types of Grants to build capacity and spread the uptake of virtual collaboration across different research communities, in the form of a pilot scheme running until 31 October 2021. There are two types of Grants:

  1. Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Grants

These grants aim at promoting virtual collaboration as a complement to traditional ways of collaboration within the research and innovation communities. This mechanism intends to stimulate virtual collaboration among the members of a given Action.

  1. Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants

These grants aim at strengthening the existing networks by allowing scientists to foster collaboration in a virtual setting, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, disseminate the Action results, etc.

The Management Committee of CA17102 Polstops approved the launch of the call for Virtual Networking Tools.

Who can apply?

  • Applicant(s) are Action participants with a primary affiliation to an institution located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member country or MC Observers from a COST Near Neighbour Country.
  • The applicant(s) shall be prepared to develop a virtual networking strategy, coordinate the call for expression of interest for the Virtual Mobility Grants and draft at the end of the grant period a report to be approved by the MC.

How to apply?

The application shall be submitted in e-COST and include the following information:

  1. A description of how the COST Action can benefit from developing virtual networking activities, with a focus on:
    • Progress towards the MoU objectives and deliverables.
    • COST Excellence and inclusiveness Policy, specially towards the support of researchers in COST Inclusiveness Target Countries.
    • Stakeholder engagement and promoting the participation of researchers from NNC and IPC (COST Global Networking).
  1. A proposal for the strategy outline on virtual networking, including an approach for coordinating Virtual Mobility Grants (where relevant) by:
    • Opening calls and managing the evaluation process for awarding the Virtual Mobility Grants.
    • Supporting and advising beneficiaries of the Virtual Mobility Grant.

Additionally, the proposal shall include a plan on coordinating and reporting any planned COST Action events that will be held online (e.g. Annual Meeting or Conference) and how they fit the overall Action strategy.

About the grant

The amount of the grant is EUR 4,000 to be paid to the personal or institutional account of the selected Virtual Networking Support manager, upon submission of the report.

The duration of the grant ends at the latest on 31 October 2021.

The evaluation of submitted applications will be performed by the Core Group, mandated by the Management Committee.


Applications shall be submitted via e-cost by 10 September 2021.

Additional resources

For more information, please consult the COST Vademecum, in particular section 10, and the VNT User Guide. If you have any other questions, please send an email to

Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

Call for participation: STSM Interactive map

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